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If you’ve decided that you no longer want that tattoo that looked so great years ago, but not any more, laser tattoo removal has made tattoo regret a thing of the past. With four laser technicians on staff, Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center in Brooklyn, New York, can help you clear up that unwanted ink.

Laser Tattoo Removal Q & A

How are tattoos removed?

At Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center, the technicians use a technology called PicoSure®, which has proved far more successful in removing tattoos than previous laser methods. It is also a great alternative to painful surgical removal. PicoSure goes beyond traditional laser treatments in several ways:

  • PicoSure is the first picosecond laser in the world.
  • Using PressureWave technology, PicoSure shatters the ink particles, allowing your body to take over and eliminate them.
  • PicoSure does not harm the tissue or skin in the surrounding area.

What makes PicoSure unique is how it works with your body to get rid of your unwanted tattoo. The PressureWave® technology delivers short pulses of energy that target the ink particles. The pulses are rapid enough to cause the ink to break apart into very small particles. These particles are then absorbed into your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system, and expelled naturally through your body’s normal processes.

Does it work on all tattoos?

PicoSure is very effective on tattoo removal in the following areas: 

  • Multicolored tattoos
  • Difficult blues and greens
  • Stubborn black ink
  • Previously unsuccessful tattoo-removal sites

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Most patients report that it feels similar to the original tattooing process. While PicoSure uses pressure rather than heat, there may still be some slight discomfort, which does not last long. There is no downtime with this procedure, and you can resume normal activities right away.

How many tattoo-removal treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you will need depends on the tattoo’s:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Ink characteristics

Treatment time for an average-sized tattoo is generally 10 minutes, while larger, more intricate tattoo removals may entail longer sessions. The treatments themselves are typically administered six to eight weeks apart.

The technicians at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center are happy to provide you with an estimated timeline for the removal of your unwanted tattoo.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before & After Photos 

*Individual Results May Vary



*Individual Results May Vary



*Individual Results May Vary



  • Laser Tattoo Removal minimum cost $120 per session for the smallest size 
  • Other tattoos are measured in square inches upon arrival of consultation to determine cost
  • Packages for tattoos we offer 2+1 (2 sessions and get 1 free session)



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