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IPL Photofacial treatment


What is the IPL Photofacial treatment?

Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center is proud to utilize the state-of-the-art Palomar Icon Aesthetic System for photorejuvenation treatments at our practice. Photorejuvenation is the nonsurgical approach to skin renewal that can transform your looks for the better—and it lets you return to your normal activities right away.

IPL Photofacial


Who is the IPL Laser Facial aimed towards?

The Palomar Icon fractional laser function at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center is ideal for people who want to smooth out wrinkles and rough scars, fade pigmentation issues, and generally improve overall skin tone and texture. The IPL function provides photo rejuvenation treatments, which are ideal for people who have pale to medium or olive toned complexions and wish to refine skin texture and even skin discoloration caused by sun damage, aging, acne, rosacea, damaged blood vessels, or capillaries. IPL is not suitable for darker skin types since one of the primary targets is melanin.

The positives of the IPL Laser are:

  • Reduce signs of age
  • Stimulate collagen growth
  • Harmonize pigmentation
  • Smooth and refine your complexion
  • Treat acne flare-ups and rosacea
  • Noninvasive, nonsurgical, effective, and safe
  • Require no recovery time

Photofacial Before and After


How does the IPL Laser treatment work?

The esthetician at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center will first clean your face or the area that is being treated, and then proceed to rub a cool gel like substance onto your skin. The IPL laser device will send light pulses to your skin, which are customized based on what you are aiming to achieve from this treatment. The light injures the tissue, which will lead to your body processing and removing it, giving the skin a new appearance.


What should I know prior to receiving the IPL Laser Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation?

During your treatment at our Brooklyn NYC location, you’ll need to wear dark glasses to protect your eyes.

The pulses might sting your skin. Some people link the feeling to being snapped with a rubber band.

Depending on which part of your body is being treated and how large the area is, the treatment should take 15 to 30 minutes.

To get the results you want, you may need to have three to six treatments. Those treatments should be spaced about one month apart to let your skin heal in between.

Before and After


How much does the IPL Laser Treatment cost at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center?

Treatment pricing at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center can vary depending on the location of the area being treated and how many sessions would be required. Pricing is discussed upon a consultation with the treatment provider. Call (718) 369-0019 to book a consultation or request it on the website above.

For more information and to determine if this treatment is the best one for you, please come in for a consultation with our estheticians in our Brooklyn, NYC office to discuss more.

IPL Treatment


During your consultation, the esthetician will first analyze your skin type in order to design the best suited treatment program. The number of sessions would also be determined as per your skin and problem type. (Every patient is a unique individual and every treatment has unique aspects. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)




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