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Unwanted hair on the face and body can be a nuisance to keep at bay through tweezing, waxing, and shaving. Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center offers state-of-the-art laser hair removal at their Brooklyn, New York, office, permanently getting rid of your unwanted hair.


Laser hair removal specialists

How does laser hair removal work?

Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center offers the Elite+® laser system for optimal laser hair removal. Elite+® Laser uses light therapy to target and destroy hair follicles, preventing further growth without affecting the surrounding skin or tissue.

Our laser hair reduction procedure utilizes some of the most advanced laser treatment technologies in the industry. With Cynosure® Elite+™, you can say goodbye, once and for all, to unwanted hair. Our machines have two different settings, Alex and Yag. These two settings make the machines suitable for ALL skin types.


Where can I have hair removed from?


Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center's board certified aestheticians removes hair on most parts of your body (except around the eyes). The most commonly-treated areas are:  

  • Face (upper lip, chin, cheeks, etc.)
  • Back and chest
  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Arms and underarms 

The laser therapy works on all skin types, from light to dark, and is safe and effective on most hair colors and types, from fine, blonde hair to thick, dark hair.


How many treatments do I need?

The number of hair-removal treatments you will need depends on:

  • The location of the hair
  • The amount of hair you want removed
  • The texture and thickness of your hair

Typically, treatments for smaller areas may take only minutes, while larger areas require more time, up to 30 minutes. For long-lasting, permanent hair removal, you will need multiple treatments at the targeted area to ensure that all the hair follicles in the area are thoroughly treated as hair regrows normally with only a couple of treatments.

In between treatments, you don’t need to let the hair grow out, and you can groom as you normally do. With laser hair removal, you not only solve hair growth problems but also problems such as ingrown hairs too!

The technicians at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center will sit down with you to determine the number of treatments you will need based on the location and amount of your unwanted hair and get you started on a schedule.


Are there side effects and does hair removal hurt?

For best body hair removal results, avoid sun exposure or other extended exposure to UV lights (such as artificial tanning). Laser treatments damage the hair follicle so the skin around the treatment area should not be exposed prior due to heightened sensitivity.

During the treatment, patients usually describe a snapping sensation at the site of the laser. Side effects, which are generally minor and usually clear up in a few days, include:

  • Mild burning sensation that feels like a sunburn
  • Some swelling
  • Redness

You’ll experience no downtime after a laser hair-removal treatment and you can get back to your daily activities immediately.



What is the price of laser hair removal?

Prices for laser hair removal are personalized for each patient, which is why it is required to see the patient for an in-person consultation to assess the body, see the area they wish to treat and determine the best treatment option. Laser hair removal pricing is based upon the area being treated, how many sessions would be required, and other factors.


What else should I know about Laser Hair Removal?

At Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center in Brooklyn, our laser experts make sure the client is educated about the pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions. It is very important to follow these instructions for laser hair removal we offer for all skin types to guarantee great results.

Pre-treatment precautions to take
BEFORE laser hair removal service:

  • No sun exposure, tanning beds, and sunless tanning cream for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. Sun exposure decreases the effectiveness of the laser treatment and can increase the chance of post-treatment complications.

  • Remove all makeup, creams, or oils prior to treatment.

  • SHAVE the area where laser hair removal will be performed a day before the scheduled appointment.

  • Be sure to inform your technician if you’re taking any antibiotics, retinol, Retin-A, Accutane, or any photosensitive medication.

  • Be sure to inform your technician if you have ever had cosmetic tattoos or cosmetic pigmentation or permanent makeup applied near the area of treatment.

  • If you are prone to cold sores: take medication 4-10 days before getting treatment against cold sores.

Post Treatment Instructions
AFTER laser hair removal:

  • The treated area must be treated delicately.

  • Do not rub or scratch the treated area.

  • Avoid swimming, hot water/showers, soaking, or using hot tubs/whirlpools until the skin heals.

  • If you are prone to breakouts or have oily skin, consider waiting 24 hours before applying any topical products.

  • The area being treated cannot be exposed to the sun at least 1 week after the treatment.

  • A broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunblock of SPF 30 or higher should be applied whenever exposed to the sun.

  • Avoid contact sports or any other activity that could cause injury to the treated area.

  • Discomfort may be relieved by cold gel packs and/or an over the counter pain reliever, such as acetaminophen

  • If swelling occurs, apply ice. Wrap the ice in a soft cloth. Discomfort or stinging may be relieved with acetaminophen.

  • If makeup is used it must be applied and removed delicately, excess rubbing can open the treated area increases the chance of scarring.


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*Individual Results May Vary

*Individual Results May Vary