Deciding Between Dysport Vs. Botox: Which Treatment is Better?

Deciding Between Dysport Vs. Botox: Which Treatment is Better?

Dysport vs. Botox: Which is the Better Choice?

If you’re looking for a solution to reduce signs of age and wrinkles, you will likely encounter two main options: Dysport and Botox. These injectables are popular options for women seeking cosmetic treatments to soften and smooth the skin on their faces.

Before deciding which option is best for you, it’s essential to understand Dysport vs. Botox as a treatment to reduce signs of aging. This article describes the core differences between these injectables and the pros and cons of each option.

What’s the Difference Between Dysport and Botox?

Both Dysport and Botox serve similar purposes as injectables that are used to reduce signs of aging. These cosmetic treatments have the same active ingredient: Botulinum toxin.

However, Dysport is diluted compared to Botox and is typically cheaper than the latter per unit. Dysport spreads more when injected into the face and is only FDA-approved for treating glabellar lines, which are the frown lines that appear between your eyebrows.

Dysport or Botox: Which Lasts Longer?

Many health professionals believe that both treatments last an average of four months. Depending on your injection location, the treatments may last longer or shorter than this period. For instance, some claim that Botox treatments last up to six months in smaller, targeted areas of the face, such as the skin surrounding your eyes or lips.

Why is Dysport Cheaper Than Botox?

Dysport is cheaper than Botox because of the dilution in Dysport. While this isn’t a problem for some people, it is essential to consider that three Dysport units equal about one unit of Botox. This difference means that you will need to use more units of Dysport to achieve the same results as you would with Botox, and the cost may rival your average Botox treatment.

The Pros and Cons of Dysport vs. Botox

When deciding on a cosmetic solution to treat fine lines and wrinkles, it's essential to have all the facts and information available before moving forward. To ensure that you can confidently decide between Dysport and Botox, consider each option's pros and cons.

Dysport: Pros and Cons

Dysport has unique benefits for treating fine glabellar lines and softening the skin between your eyebrows. Below are notable pros of choosing Dysport over Botox as a cosmetic treatment.

However, there are notable cons of Dysport that might make you consider a Botox treatment, such as the following.

Botox: Pros and Cons

Botox is a popular treatment to reduce signs of aging because it contains numerous pros to help women deal with fine lines and wrinkles. However, like Dysport, Botox has its cons. Below are the pros of Botox you should consider when debating between Dysport and Botox.

Additionally, you should note the cons of Botox compared to Dysport:

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