Do you ever dream about how different you might be if you had a butt like Beyonce or Megan Thee Stallion? How much more confident you’d be when you walk around with your perky bottom because you just look so damn good in those fitted jeans?

Let’s be real for a second, people try all sorts of things to look beautiful and feel good but how many of us really achieve our dream body without internally dying in the process? There are two options: either give up that dream or dedicate our freedom to the gym.

We’ve been told that pretty much the only way to achieve those toned and perky buttocks you dream about is to do countless squats at the gym.

...naturally anyway.

Of course, there are plenty of other options in the market to get that lifted butt without using up hours at the gym. Some of them are surgical and some of them are non-surgical procedures. After reading this article you’ll be able to better understand which one works best for you.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a corrective methodology. What happens during this procedure is the exchange of fat which helps make more roundness in your backside. Brazilian Butt Lifts are categorized as surgeries that include taking fat from one side of the body and infusing it into the buttock area. Nonetheless, this technique requires medical attention and all that accompanies going under the knife.


Another well-known buttock augmentation procedure is the use of implants (usually silicone). Butt implants involve making small incisions hidden in a crease near the buttocks. Through these insertion points, implants are inserted at the top of the buttocks region where they volumize the curve of the body.

This procedure is more permanent than BBL since implants cannot be reabsorbed. Also unlike BBL, most healthy patients are candidates for this procedure. However, this procedure also comes with an even more significant amount of downtime. There is also a chance that the implants may slip from their designated location causing extra surgeries in order to fix them. With any surgery, butt implants come with a series of side effects such as scarring, excessive, bleeding, fluid accumulation under the buttocks area, allergic reactions, etc.


When people talk about butt injections, they usually mean things like silicone or hydrogel. Injectables for buttock augmentation is not recommended. This method is unsafe and mostly illegal. The FDA has NOT approved any of the injectables on the market for buttock augmentation as serious, life-threatening side effects can oftentimes occur.


Unsurprisingly, another method has hit the market. This popular new procedure is non-invasive, safe, and proven to effectively lift your butt. Emsculpt is a surgery-free option that can be completed in a series of 30-minute visits to your local provider. Here at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center, we provide this FDA-approved, electromagnetic procedure.

Emsculpt works by eliminating fat cells and tightening muscles in your butt. It is known for its impressive muscle toning and fat-burning properties. Emsculpt® is ideal for those who want to avoid the dangers that come with surgical procedures. The most tempting aspect of the incredible EmSculpt procedure is it’s attention to improving muscle mass.

As opposed to reusing fat or the use of inserts, EmSculpt really helps in increasing your own muscle mass for a defined, lifted look. Emsculpt utilizes HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Energy) innovation. HIFEM instigates supramaximal muscle contractions while you relax on a bed. This methodology feels like an exceptional exercise for butt lifting (imitates results of 20,000 squats) without actually going through the soreness (for most) and pain of exercise.

Do Emsculpt or the other procedures hurt?

Surgeries like the Brazilian butt lift or silicone implants are, after all, surgeries and they come with all the risks and side effects that come with any surgery. Done right, you will still be required to abstain from sitting or other movements that may apply direct tension to the buttocks region and wait up to six months for full recuperation.

On the other hand, Emsculpt is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment that requires zero downtime. Patients can go about their day right after their treatment session. At most, a few sensitive patients will feel sore as if they just finished a workout but no actual pain should exist with proper treatment from a certified technician.

Emsculpt Before and After:

Most of our patients get results after roughly two weeks to a month from your last Emsculpt session. At that point, you will continue seeing improvements in your appearance as the weeks pass.

Is Emsculpting Worth It?

The most obvious question most people want answered is: “Is Emsculpt worth it?” Emsculpting is a great non-surgical option as opposed to other invasive butt lift treatments. You won’t have to worry about your comfort during the treatment and, with Em sculpt, you can now obtain a lifted butt without going through hours in the gym or enduring painful surgery. That sounds pretty good, seeing as our obsession with the plump and perky buttocks doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

BBL and silicone inserts are surgeries that may require anywhere from three to six months to see the full results and may even need multiple follow-ups for several years to maintain results.

Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center EmSculpt treatments give the desired butt lift without depending on imitator inserts or injectables. It's a safe alternative that will get your booty back to life! Patients who routinely work the muscle groups focused on by the EmSculpt treatments will, in general, observe the longest-enduring outcomes. A healthy lifestyle after discontinued service is suggested to maintain the best treatment results.

EMSculpt is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Results vary from patient to patient.

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