A First Timer’s Guide to CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is the world’s top choice for non-surgical fat reduction and it is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the market today. Why?

Freezing away unwanted fat for good with no surgery or downtime while not needing a specific diet or exercise regime is a dream come true. So, the better question is, why not?

You can count on Park Slope Laser – the Brooklyn Coolsculpting Experts – to help make your CoolSculpting experience a great one! This guide will help you better understand this popular fat removal treatment and help you figure out whether it’s the right option for you.

What Is CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting procedure is a non-invasive option to get rid of fat. It is a FDA cleared non-surgical treatment and works by isolating pockets of pinchable fat and exposing them to intense, controlled, cool temperatures with CoolSculpting technology. The cold temperature effectively kills the stubborn fat cells by freezing them without damaging any other surrounding tissue. Fat cell death takes a period of weeks to months, because your body naturally processes the destroyed cells away using your lymphatic system. This fat reduction treatment leaves you with a slimmer appearance, longer and leaner lines, and overall less fat in the treated areas.

The most amazing part about Coolsculpting is that fat destroyed by CoolSculpting doesn’t ever come back! 86% of patients in clinical studies see improvement in their figure, reduction of the fat layers, and overall lost inches in the treated areas.

Where Does it Work Best?

The CoolSculpting machine can work on many areas of the body. We have different applicators for different areas which include:

Our technicians will work with you to customize your individual plan. Even unusual presentations of fat (perhaps after a surgery) can be treated. One of the most common examples of this is the residual fat after a c-section.

We see the best results on smaller, pinchable pockets of fat. The more pliable, the better – that’s because pinchable tissue is more easily suctioned into the handpieces. We talk a lot internally about “ideal candidates” and find that patients who are most satisfied with their results started their CoolSculpting journey between 5-35 pounds from their ideal weight.

Understand that this is not a weight-loss procedure, it’s body sculpting.

Who is a candidate?

CoolSculpting is best for people who are nearing the end of their weight loss journey. CoolSculpting treatments don’t lead to a substantial change in the number on the scale. However, it does lead to a substantial difference in the way you look. It’s designed to remove stubborn pockets of fat that aren’t responding to exercise, healthy diets, or any other weight loss measures.

Think about it like this. CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing technique that helps you reduce fat in stubborn, and oftentimes, hard to reach areas. We help you put the finishing touches on your physique.

What to do Before Your Treatment

Aftercare and How to Get the Best Results

Our favorite part about the CoolSculpting treatment is that there’s little to no downtime, so it doesn’t interfere with your life. Want to go on a hike? Go have fun! Have an important meeting in a few hours? No problem!

Some normal side effects can include redness, bruising, numbness, or tenderness. Depending on how quickly your body is able to metabolize the fat cells, it can take up to 16 weeks before you’re at your final result after your session.

Why Choose CoolSculpting with Park Slope Laser?

We know you have options, but here at Park Slope Laser, our clients are the most important to us. We love seeing our clients succeed and reach their goals. Our technicians have over 15 years of experience each, so they know their stuff! At Park Slope Laser, you’re more than a client. You’re family! Call us to schedule your appointment today!

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