Anti-Acne Facial Treatment is an Asset for Beauty and Health

Acne can be described as an inflammatory condition of the skin which occurs when the hair follicle regions are blocked by sebum and dead cells, causing blackheads, pimples, nodules, scars and lumps. The causes for the appearance of acne vary and can include bacteria, genetics, hormones and stress, among other things.

With so many possible causes, fighting acne can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. You can go a long way in combatting outbreaks by simply watching your diet, drinking plenty of water and making sure you get enough sleep and exercise. That said, your overall health is only part of the picture.

Facial care is just as important as caring for your general health. For the best results, both for health and aesthetic reasons, it’s important to take regular care of your face and skin. And while at-home cleanses and anti-acne medications can go a long way in helping to keep the blemishes and blackheads off your skin, it pays to invest in a facial treatment to give your skin a boost. Just as going to the gym improves your overall fitness, getting an anti-acne facial treatment can do more for your health than simply ridding your face of acne.

Health Benefits of an Anti-Acne Facial Treatment

There are obvious benefits of getting an acne facial treatment: Having cleaner skin, reduced blemishes and reduced signs of aging are all typical. But by investing in a facial treatment, there are numerous other benefits to be had that are more than skin deep.

Reduces Stress

Tissue massage and cleansing is proven to reduce stress. Receiving a facial can significantly reduce anxiety and give a boost to your mood—this is why you leave the spa feeling so great. Not only does this have obvious benefits on its own, but with acne, it’s two-fold.

The area on our faces known as the T zone—the chin, nose and forehead—has the highest number of glands responsible for oil production. As you know, too much oil can also cause blemishes, blackheads and acne. The problem is that our nervous system is linked to these areas.

What does this mean for acne? Well, if you've been stressed, your face is going to increase your face's oil production, which increases the likelihood of breakouts. So, not only does a facial treatment clean and exfoliate your skin, but it can potentially reduce acne over time by reducing stress.

Improves Circulation

Your skin is technically your body’s biggest organ. And like with your other organs, your circulatory system delivers oxygens, vitamins and minerals to your skin. If you have poor circulation, it can cause blemishes, discoloration and—of course—acne breakouts.

One great way to improve circulation is through massage. This is part of the reason you seem to glow after leaving the spa; the blood is moving better, and you’re getting much-needed nutrients to your skin.

Reduces Congestion

During an anti-acne facial treatment, you’ll receive facial massaging that can relax the muscles and lymph nodes in your face. This can encourage flow in your lymphatic system and alleviate irritation in your sinuses, causing congestion to loosen up.

Spa Facials Leave Your Skin Glowing

Every step we take during a facial treatment is designed to reverse the effects of aging and environmental damage on your skin. Through various therapies, products, and technology, our therapists improve your skin’s health, texture, and appearance. You will leave looking and feeling rejuvenated and uplifted!

Promotes Healthier Skin

While leaving the spa with glowing, vibrant skin is an obvious benefit, the long-lasting effects of an acne facial are even greater.

Continued breakouts can expose your skin to even more bacteria that can cause serious skin conditions down the line. And trying to get rid of pimples or blackheads on your own can leave your face scarred.

With a professional acne facial, your skin and face are cleaned deeply and all buildup extracted safely, meaning your skin stays healthier longer, preventing future blemishes and breakouts.

What to Expect from an Anti-Acne Facial

An anti-acne facial is designed to combat acne, blackheads and blemishes with a minimal amount of side effects. They focus mainly on cleanses, extractions, facial masks and blue light therapy to clean and invigorate your skin.

That said, a quality spa will determine the best course of action for your particular condition. The severity of your acne, your skin type and how often you’re able to visit all play a role in what kind of treatment you’ll receive. That said, there are a few procedures that are usually typical with an anti-acne facial.

Typically, a cleanse is performed to remove excess oils and bacteria. This is done to prepare your face for an extraction. Usually, enzymes are applied to your face with heat to soften your skin and loosen the pores, which can make the extraction easier.

During an extraction, you’ll receive a deep tissue cleanse and a facial massage. Pimples and blackheads will be removed. This process will reduce inflammation on your skin and clean the majority of excess oils and dead cells from your skin.

Facial masks and peels are usually designed for your own skincare needs. Acne treatments can include custom antiseptic masks, anti-inflammatory masks and custom peels.

Blue light therapy uses a high-frequency blue light to target the acne and potential bacteria on your skin. Even after a thorough facial treatment, bacteria can still collect in your pores and cause future blemishes. Blue light treatments have an antimicrobial effect which can help kill many types of bacteria and prevent future breakouts.

Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Regardless of whether you have vicious outbreaks or you simply want to have more even-toned and healthy skin, investing in a spa facial treatment can offer plenty of benefits.

Keep in mind that any quality spa will be prepared to ask you about your skin and your needs—be wary of any that want to simply sell you the most expensive facial they have. Your skin is unique as should be your treatment.

That said, maintaining your skin with your own routine is important too. But following your own cleansing coupled with a professional spa treatment will ensure your acne breakouts are as good as gone.

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