Nonsurgical Body Sculpting: Everything You Need to Know

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The last chapter of your weight loss story is often the most challenging one to write. You’ve been exercising, eating right, and still that stubborn fat in your problem areas won’t go away. The aesthetic technicians at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center can help you reach the peak of your weight loss goals with nonsurgical body sculpting. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest, most effective technology in noninvasive body contouring available today: SculpSure® and CoolSculpting®.

SculpSure and CoolSculpting permanently remove fat

Fat often accumulates around your abdomen, flanks (love handles), and thighs, and no matter how much you diet or exercise, the fat sticks around. Both SculpSure and CoolSculpting treatments permanently destroy fat cells, so you can finally get the contoured body you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Both technologies are FDA-cleared to treat several areas of your body. The biggest difference between the two options is that SculpSure uses laser energy to heat fat cells and CoolSculpting freezes your fat, as the name suggests.

Which one is right for you? Let’s compare.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure uses laser technology to melt fat from your body. It targets specific areas of fat cells under the surface of your skin, destroying them with heat, so your body can permanently eliminate them through your lymphatic system.

The SculpSure applicator uses a cooling sensation to keep your skin comfortable during the treatment. The laser raises the temperature high enough to destroy fat cells, while the cooling technology keeps you comfortable.

SculpSure Treatments last just 25 minutes and are FDA-cleared for:

The SculpSure applicators allow our aesthetic technicians to treat more than one area of your body at the same time. So, for instance, in the same 25-minute session, you can reduce fat on your love handles and your abdomen.

One of the biggest advantages of this noninvasive, nonsurgical option is that there’s no downtime or recovery period. You can resume your daily activities immediately following the procedure.

SculpSure results begin to appear in about six weeks, and as your body continues to eliminate damaged fat cells, you see optimal results in about 12 weeks.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting is the opposite of SculpSure in that it freezes fat cells rather than using laser heat. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to target fat cells under your skin with a controlled cooling technology that freezes fat cells so your body can eliminate them via your lymphatic system. On average the procedure takes 35-60 minutes, and you may be able to treat multiple areas of your body at the same time.

During a CoolSculpting treatment, you feel intense cold on your skin and some tugging and pinching as the applicator uses suction to pull your skin into it. Some people feel tingling, stinging, or cramping sensations, too. After several minutes, the treatment area usually becomes numb, so you stay comfortable as it continues to destroy fat cells under the surface of your skin.

Immediately following treatment, your technician massages the area for a few minutes, and you’re able to return to normal daily activities after your appointment.

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to treat:

Which fat-reduction treatment is right for you?

How do you know whether you should melt fat or freeze it away? Since everyone is different, our aesthetic technicians consult with you to determine your overall goals and desired outcome. Depending on your specific needs, we recommend the best fat-reduction technology for you.

One of the advantages to SculpSure is that the heat transfers to fat cells just beyond the immediate treatment area, so you’ll see a smooth transition between the targeted fat and the surrounding area. It also takes less time than CoolSculpting in many cases.

One of the advantages of CoolSculpting is that it targets a very specific treatment area of fat, so you can contour a definitive section of your body.

Still not sure whether to choose SculpSure or CoolSculpting? It’s great to have options when it comes to eliminating stubborn fat so you can look and feel your best.

Call the Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center office, or schedule a consultation online. We’ll help you decide which treatment is best for you.

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