What is VelaShape Body Contouring and How Does It Work?

Would you like to get your body cellulite-free and summer-ready just by blocking out a few thirty-minute windows on your calendar? Well, there's an FDA-cleared treatment out there that can not only reduce cellulite but also boost collagen. 

Not only can it promote smoother skin, but it can also deliver healthier younger-looking skin. When we consider our problem areas, like our buttocks, this is a win-win, indeed. 

VelaShape body contouring is a new technology that takes aim and cellulite and can deliver skin tightening results. For many, it's a step up from liposuction because it's non-invasive with little-to-no recovery time. 

This treatment is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds because so many people are seeing favorable results in a battle that has gone on for centuries. Cellulite is as unforgiving and relentless as a New York City pothole.

But, finally, there's a new technology in town that can deliver long-lasting results. Let's pull up the microscope and take a closer look. 

What Is Cellulite?

We hear about it all the time. But, what exactly is cellulite? It has a lot to do with fat cells. Our skin is tethered to underlying muscles through fibrous connective tissue. 

And, when fat cells accumulate, they can interfere with this connection. It's like trying to cram too many things into one given area. 

Eventually, the fat cells start to push up on the skin, creating that rippled effect known as cellulite. Sometimes, it can be combated through weight loss and exercise.

However, there's a non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure that can tackle these fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

VelaShape Body Contouring 

VelaShape is a wonderful alternative when diet and exercise aren't cutting it, but you don't want to go under the knife. It uses a combination of heat, massage, vacuum suction, infrared light, and bipolar radio frequency. 

During this simple procedure, a handheld device is placed on the skin and, through pulsed vacuum technology, suction against the skin, and massage rollers, cellulite-causing fat cells are targeted. 

Then, the infrared light and radiofrequency penetrates the fat cells, perforate the membranes, and cause the fat cells to release their fatty acids into the body and shrink. 

As this is happening, it's also boosting collagen which, in the end, replaces skin laxity and promotes skin tightening. Through a series of short treatments, you can kiss loose skin goodbye and prepare for tighter, younger-looking skin. 

What's the Procedure Like?

Once people have an understanding of this revolutionary technology, there are a few common questions. Typically, they pertain to the length and number of procedures, the pain involved, and the results. Here are the answers.

Thirty-Minute Sessions

The procedure itself only takes about thirty minutes. Some clients may see results after only three sessions. But, this varies from patient to patient. The number of treatments required depends on the area you'd like to treat. 

During your initial consultation, your technicians will tell you how many treatments you'll need. The location and skin condition are two major factors in this determination. Once this is established, you'll have a treatment plan in place and a lot to look forward to!

Treatment Areas

Cellulite tends to threaten the same areas in all of us. But, the common areas that are treated with VelaShape are: 

It goes without saying that everyone is unique, so their problem areas are unique. But, again, once a board-certified esthetician has the opportunity to take a look at your individual problem area(s), they'll quickly be able to determine how many sessions are required to achieve optimal results. Here are some powerful before and after photos.

Side Effects

Since VelaShape is non-invasive, there won't be a lot of trauma to the body. During the treatment, you may feel waves of warmth as the connective tissues and fat cells are heated. But, that's the extent of it. 

In the end, there may be redness and minor bruising, but this fades away quite quickly. There's no recovery time or even downtime required. When the area clears, you're well on your way to smoother skin. 


At this time, VelaShape technology only shrinks fat cells; it doesn't destroy them completely. So, the best way to prohibit them from regrouping is to pair your procedure with an appropriate weight loss plan. 

The good news is, the results will be so appealing that they'll motivate you to endeavor toward a new lifestyle. Still, most patients see results that last for several months even without maintenance treatments. 

When paired with maintenance treatments and a healthy lifestyle, your battle against cellulite can greatly reduce, making this simple procedure entirely worth it in the end.

Start to Feel Better Today

Don't let your problem areas drag you down any longer. There's a wonderful, non-invasive, reliable treatment out there that can help you start to feel better today. 

If you live in the New York metro area, come on over and visit us here at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center. We're just a subway stop or a Taxi ride away from your dreams. 

We offer VelaShape body contouring, as well as a host of other body contouring services like CoolSculpting, WarmSculpting, and EMSCULPT. Give us a call today at 718-369-0019 to see what's right for you. 

And, when you're ready, feel free to book a personal consultation and meet the aesthetician that's going to help you set sail on this summer with a whole new lease on life.

Stop covering up those problem areas. Instead, get out there and soak up that summer sun with confidence and freedom. You deserve it.

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